Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday June 28, 2013: Busy week

I have had quite the week.  I assisted with the setup and takedown of the  Dora Awards 2013.  The weather was brutal on Monday, and I didn't know there was an extreme heat alert.  Ten hours and a team of three of us working with many others to make a memorable night.

My best memory of that evening was helping Mr Malcolm Black fix his belt.  It had broken and I had the tools to repair it.  Surreal, but I am here to serve!  Fortunately I was able to help, and he indicated he had to accept an award: Congratulations, sir.
Still, I had a blast and worked with some great people.  I hope I can do that again next year.
The rest of the week I was helping out in the mornings at the Learning Enrichment Foundation to deliver hot food to daycares nearby: I sat in the jump seat and assisted the driver.

So I am looking forward to a relaxing evening and day tomorrow.  I think I've earned it!  

Happy Canada Day everyone.  The country doesn't look a day over 101.

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