Friday, June 21, 2013

Some thought.

I have had a few adventures in the last few days.  I had a call from a place called SCEA and they told me to come in to get ready for a job fair happening Monday the 24th.  I knew something was up because I went there a few months ago [to SCEA] and didn't remember registering.

When I showed up, I was predictably told that I wasn't registered.  I knew this but told 'em, you called me and I didn't have any other details...finally they gave me a temporary registration.

For the second time there, I had a resume clinic.  For the second time, my resume was...all wrong.  The first time I was at SCEA, I got told that the way one found a job was...wait for it...hope and faith.  Yes, that was the conclusion I took away.  And I asked about it...and that was the answer I got.

In the meantime, i had another call from another place where I am going to be on Monday 24th June - and these folks want to see me.  Not to offer me a job, mind, but to help me find a job.  I think this will be the 27th place I have visited trying to find work.

And I still haven't heard anything about my new ID which I was told I needed to get.  Oh well.  

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