Friday, July 26, 2013

Miscellaneous stuff...oh the randomity...

I have had a busy few weeks.  It started with helping at the 2013 Dora Awards and continued with my going to Mad Pride in July.  At that place, I learned that it seems I might have been misled* about what happened with my identification.  I was told by one person that it seems that you cannot have a job offer withheld because of lack of background check, especially if the job offer is made before said check.  That happened in 2012.  Then I learned that my only photo ID might actually not be ‘valid’ anymore – even though there is no ‘expiry’ date on it. 

I have a chance to get to meet with someone at a place where they help people in exactly my position, but I have to get in touch with the person I met at Mad Pride.  That seems like another slow process, but since I have been waiting for four and a half years to find work, I suppose I can wait and be a pain in the butt a little longer…

I will keep forging ahead on these issues, and remember those who helped me along the way.  I also have a Nixon list so that I can remember what places not to send people to in order to help them avoid my issues. 
In other events, a friend of mine has had some better events in his life and he recently became partner in a small business and I wish him well.  I have been volunteering at the LEF for a while now, and that has been steady.

It has been difficult because I have learned that I am not as ‘fit’ as I could be.  I do walk a lot of places and I do try to be healthy, but not working full-time has taken its toll on me over the time.  Yet as I have been helping at this physical position, I have learned that my body has adjusted and I have more strength now.
In other news, a friend of mine recently came to Toronto with his family and my wife and I were able to catch up with him over dinner at the CN Tower.   We had a great time and a great view of the storms that ran through the city: there is nothing like seeing lightning hitting the water through the clouds and I did get some pictures of the event….although they did not capture the detail that I wanted to have.

I also have a friend coming to Toronto from Hong Kong; I haven’t seen him since 1989 when we were in first-year together.  He’s now working for a consulting firm there and was the hardest-working student I ever met.

I am also hoping to be able to get to a St John ambulance first aid course soon…and I hope to be able to get that skill on my resume.  If I can put these things on my resume, at least it will show that I am not simply sitting on the couch waiting for things to happen.

*i.e. lied to

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