Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Update which is urgently needed.

I know you are not supposed to apologize as an opener, so I won't.

I have had great changes in my life in the last five weeks or so.

Learned about a possible job early August.

Interviewed for a job late August.

Got the job the next day.

Day after that, looked for a place in London to move to.

Inspected the place day after that.

Got the finances arranged the Monday.

Got the mover arranged during this time.

Packed in 96 hours.


Started the new job September 8.

Been unpacking ever since.

My blood sugars have been all over the place, but they are settling down now.

I am working in what I call the front office of a disability advocacy group.

It's challenging but I am getting a lot done and learning a lot.

My wife got a job last week, and we are doing alright.

Settling in...and I haven't forgotten my readers.

I plan on posting more things in the future as I get a chance...

All in together!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS....and go you! WOOHOO...throws confetti all over and keep up the great work!!! Stay healthy too!


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